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 Jaime Mac

Hailing from southern Virginia, Jaime is a writer and comedian living in New York. She graduated from a school you've never heard of and got a degree she doesn't use.

Her pilot, TEEN JESUS, is available to read - email her! She is also the founder and editor of the Laugh At Her Newsletter, which highlights up-and-comers in comedy who also happy to be women. You should read it - it's a goddam delight. 


Jaime has worked with UCB & Gotham Writers, and will write for anyone who will agree to give her health insurance. She has been featured on Little Old Lady Comedy, Sallymag, Funny-ish, Extra Crispy, Funny or Die, BuzzFeed Community,  For Your Corner, and Lowell Storytelling,

Jaime loves dogs, coffee, politics, and is available to DJ your next wedding reception.

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